Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Addy's 6th Birthday - It was a HOOOT!

You guys. I made a cake. I made a cake with fondant. I made an OWL cake with fondant. Check it out.

For my fiances cousin's 6th birthday party, I offered to make her birthday cake. I've made her birthday cake before in the past, and we had talked about it this past summer (as in - 6 months ago). What kindergartner wouldn't remember talking about something 6 months ago?

This past summer, we took a trip to Nebraska together to visit relatives. While there, we took a trip to the Nebraska Furniture Mart - the biggest home furnishing store in the US. This place had everything - it was like Ikea on steroids. No joke.

Anywho, I decided to buy this yellow figural owl that I thought would go with my bedroom color scheme. When Addyson  found out that I was getting an owl, she decided that she wanted to get one also, and call it - what else? - Jamie Owl. So, Jamie Owl and Addy Owl left the Nebraska Furniture Mart together, and went on to be Best Friends Forever. The End.

Well....not quite.

Back to the cake. When we first started talking about what kind of cake she would want, she had few criteria. She wanted a mini Kitty cake or mini Owl cake, just for her. Then, it was a singing themed cake (to match her karaoke themed party) with kittens. Then it was hot cocoa cupakes. Then Easter chick cupcakes.

In the end though, we finalized on the owl theme, which I think turned out pretty darn cute!

For the other kiddos, I made cupcakes that incorporated the colors and theme from her cake. 

The googly owl eyes were a favorite!

I made fondant flowers and leaves to tie in with the tree branch that Addy Owl was sitting on:

Gotta love Instagram....

 You could say she was pretty happy.

Until the next batch,